At WCM, we are driven by data. The Inclusion Project is a survey based research project that aims to collect sector-wide data on diversity and inclusion. Based on our findings, in partnership with most Canadian financial institutions and our research partner Diversio, we will then deliver high impact solutions to increase workplace equality.

Your contribution to this survey is a tangible way to support the acceleration of diversity and inclusion across finance. By forwarding this survey throughout your network you are increasing the impact this work has on an industry-wide scale. The more responses we have the more impactful our solutions can be.

We are looking for the participation of all genders, across all levels and firms in finance to complete the survey.

There are 44 questions, most of which are a selection of strongly disagree to strongly agree, there are two open ended questions, to which the answers are particularly important and lastly a handful of demographic questions. The survey should take you approximately 10 minutes to complete.

All answers are anonymous and confidential.

To record responses, either type the answer in the space provided or select the box or boxes that correspond to the answer choice. To advance the survey to the next page, use the button at the bottom of the page marked "Next". During the course of the survey, please do not use the "Back" button that is built into the web browser. Please answer each question in order.