Draft Regulations
Summary of Draft Changes

The Office of Early Childhood (OEC) is finalizing its proposed revisions to the regulations that govern licensed child care centers and group child care homes. For several years, the OEC has collected feedback from many stakeholders and based on that feedback has been drafting changes to the regulations. Before the OEC moves forward with the formal implementation process, it is extending one last opportunity for stakeholders to share suggested revisions to the regulations that they have not yet shared with the OEC. Such revisions may enhance current requirements, eliminate existing requirements, or simply add clarity to existing language.

The current draft regulations and a summary of the proposed changes are linked above in blue. You may want to click the link to open the document in a new tab or window, and leave it open for the duration of the survey.

If you have suggested revisions to the regulations that you have not previously shared with the OEC in writing, in person or at a facilitated forum, please complete this survey no later than June 5th.

Please do not comment on existing proposed changes. We are only seeking input on those areas that have not yet been identified as needing a change.

Please make your comments specific by including the exact subsection/subdivision numbers of the regulations that apply and include your reason(s) for the suggested revision.

All responses will be carefully reviewed and considered; however, individual responses to suggested revisions will not be provided so that moving the revisions forward will not be delayed. As part of the formal promulgation process, there will be a public comment period where interested stakeholders may comment on any of the specific changes being proposed and the OEC will provide a written response to each of those comments.

While reviewing the draft regulations, please note the following:

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